• 21Sep’ 16

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    Modern Website Construction Requires a Strategic Approach

    New websites are popping up every year with a new style. You may be asking yourself, “How can I get a modern web design?” Let’s take a look at a few general elements that all modern website will have, followed by the new styles that you can use to achieve a modern feel, and close with the features that might not fit on every website, but are sure to make yours pop.


      Typography is a modern web design tool that can help create a brand identity. Creating a connection between a brand and the font(s) they use creates instant familiarity when browsing the web.


      Everyone knows how important responsive web design is at this point, but why not emphasize it more? Responsive design is based on screen size and the re-organization of content. An easy way to figure out if a website is responsive is to resize your browser window — our website just so happens to be responsive, if you want to give it a try.

    • GRID

      The grid design style, seemingly made popular by the Windows 8 interface, has taken a foothold in modern web design and rightfully so. It is a relatively simple and easy design trend to implement on your website and it gets more information to your visitors above the fold. Being able to present multiple conversion paths to visitors, while displaying some amazing featured photography, is wonderful, but make sure you do not present too many options. Dewitt features three options above the fold for visitors to “Discover.” That is the maximum you should be presenting and one of the reasons I choose to feature their website as a example.

    Like modern housing. There is elegance in simplicity.